RegistrationMagic – Custom Registration Forms and User Login < - Multiple Critical Issues

"These allowed an attacker with subscriber-level permissions to elevate their account’s privileges to those of an administrator and to export every form on the site, including all the data that had been submitted to them in the past. Additionally, through a number of unprotected AJAX actions, an attacker with subscriber-level permissions could send arbitrary emails, import a custom vulnerable form, replace an existing form with their uploaded form, and use the vulnerable form to register a new administrative user. Finally, none of the administrative functions used by the plugin included nonce checks, making the plugin vulnerable to cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks – it was possible for an attacker to forge requests on behalf of an administrator to update any of the plugin’s settings."

Affects Plugin


CVE 2020-9456
CVE 2020-9454
CVE 2020-9455
CVE 2020-9458
CVE 2020-9457




Original Researcher Ram Gall (Wordfence)
Views 2284
Verified No
WPVDB ID 10116


Publicly Published 2020-03-05 (3 months ago)
Added 2020-03-06 (3 months ago)
Last Updated 2020-03-07 (3 months ago)

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