MiwoFTP - File & Folder Manager <= 1.0.4 - Arbitrary File Disclosure

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A hook is added to ‘init’ in the file ‘miwoftp/miwoftp.php’. This hook is triggered whenever a user visits the front end of the site. The function specified in this hook will proceed to allow the user to download a file within the scope of the home directory of the site. Various values from the GET scope are used when specifying the path, however these values are placed into a separate array named $GLOBALS.

Affects Plugin

fixed in version 1.0.5


URL https://research.g0blin.co.uk/g0blin-00038/


Type LFI
OWASP Top 10 A1: Injection


Submitter James Hooker
Submitter Website https://research.g0blin.co.uk
Submitter Twitter g0blinResearch
Views 246
Verified No


Publicly Published 2015-03-16 (over 3 years ago)
Added 2015-03-17 (over 3 years ago)
Last Updated 2015-05-15 (about 3 years ago)

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